Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Here Comes The Serious Bit

On Monday night The Dead Eyed Bitches played their fourth, and last ever, show. Sporting a picture of that magical night when Britney, Paris and Li-Lo were all drink-driving around LA in the same car, their MySpace announced they'd be splitting up and having 'very successful solo careers'. It was 1am before they took to the stage at Durrr, their unnamed singer was wearing a blonde wig and blew kisses out to the crowd. The backing band looked distantly familiar, but I couldn't quite place them. They played some excellent songs - they opened with one called Century and it was tremendous, sharp, deathly disco. Their other songs were very good, too. There was one about Erin O'Connor, one called Not Clever By Half, then another funky number - Guilt. Unfortunately the sound wasn't very good, so the singer's vocals weren't as clear as they should have been. Mixing vodka and beer meant I was pretty dead-eyed afterwards and rather worse for wear at work the next day!

Alas, I still made it down to New Cross to see The Long Blondes do their comeback show to launch their new album, "Couples". I was there early and sat on the stage, when the LBs' neither long nor blonde singer came up and sat next to me. 'Hi' she said, mentioning that she'd seen me dancing away last night (was she at The Dead Eyed Bitches fourth and last ever gig too?!?!!) and wanted to introduce herself! Very sweet. We chatted for five minutes, mostly about New York, I couldnt think of much else to say!

They were great though, so tight. They opened with their new single, Century; a slab of tremendous, sharp, deathly disco. The band were on fire, with KJ gyrating, pouting, waving, shaking her hips. They were very glad to have come back. They raced through the setlist, hardly gasping for breath. Two weeks of solid interviews had them craving to play live again and it was full throttle. I'd just about forgotten how much I like them as a live band - Dorian, Emma, Kate, Screech and Reenie are all fascinating to watch, each interpreting performing their music in the same way. Their new songs are incredible though. One of my favourites is I Liked The Boys, which is an unpolished, minor-driven, fast paced belter, with moments of wistful urgency that sound like PJ Harvey. Here Comes The Serious Bit was also strong, sounding like early Blondie and Elastica.

They snuck in only two old songs: Lust in the Movies, with it's incredibly filthy, fast-paced bass and scream-along name-droppin' chorus, finishing with Giddy Stratospheres, which is just as earth-shatteringly good as it was the first time I heard it. Their eyes really lit up playing the old songs, like landing back on home turf. Even before they'd released their album, the Long Blondes had at least five songs that would tear up any dancefloor. Based on the gig, the prospects are good for "Couples" to change the world, etc. You've been warned.

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