Monday, January 28, 2008

Gift of the Gab

Sons and Daughters release their long awaited (by me, anyway!) third album today. It's called This Gift (very punworthy) and it's very good. It's bolder than their previous work; they have dared to finally embrace the classic pop that they referenced in the last two albums. But it is still dark, with urgent celtic twangs, pentatonic notes and banshee yells emerging above the twisted Americana and Garage Rock. And about 28% of the guitar sounds very Smiths inspired. In other words, this is everything at once while still being classic Sons and Daughters.

Their schedule is all booked up for the next few months. The chances are that they are coming to a town near you. I've been to see them an insane sixteen times now and I never get tired of seeing them. I read a quote the other day from Scott, who said they aim to make going to their gigs like entering into the Sons and Daughters world. I'd never thought about it that way before but I think it's precisely that mesmerising immersion in their music and image and energy which is so thrilling about the S&Ds show. They have so much integrity. They are officially the least lame band ever.

You can download live acoustic versions of Gilt Complex, Iodine and Chains from here:
thanks to Graham for these

(no substitute for the real thing though, mateys!)

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