Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The Big Apple (Store)

I'm in the apple store again because it's raining. I'm slowly becoming a MacPerson, maccing away, being creative, y'know. It's very clever marketing. You pop in out of curiousity - it's a prime retail location, a nice design and voila - you can surf the internets for free (apart from MySpace, strangely - I'm behind on the ol' MySpace) and you learn that the beautiful, clean aesthetics of the Mac are not a compromise of style over function. And they do look good. It's also raining again, crazy style raining. It's hardly rained since I last posted when it was raining, I wouldn't want to under-sell the New York weather because it's been lovely - and not tooooo hot the last few days.

In terms of gigs, I've been to a couple and they were both the Long Blondes. My interest has never waned with the Long Blondes, but these two gigs have been a 'return to form' of the early gigs. Maybe it's because they aren't as big over here, or maybe they realise that pencil skirts are cooler than hot pants, but they were both excellent and convinced me that the LBs are going to be around for a long time, if their new song Guilt is anything to go by! Tomorrow it's Franz Ferdinand at the Bowery Ballroom. It sold out in 20 seconds (!!) and it's an absolutely tiny, beautiful venue. I doubt there is a bad place to stand in the whole room. I'm sure there'll be an exciting support too!

I've swapped bed-guests too. Deborah is back in Denver and Pete is over from London. D and I went to Grimaldi's Pizzeria in Brooklyn Heights on Thursday night - the best pizza I've ever tasted, complete with some mafia-style Italian Brooklyn service. We followed it with some good authentic Italian ice-cream by the East River, watching the Lower Manhattan Skyline glistening on that warm June evening. The sunset before the meal was even more beautiful! On Sunday Pete and I went to Katja's sexy Bushwick warehouse/loft space - it was the dream, views of Manhattan, high ceilings, cool decor and a roof terrace. It was also Puerto Rico day and Bushwick is a big Puerto Rican neighbourhood. The celebrations were crazy, all blue, white and red, music in the streets and the smell of barbecuing...super.

I only have a week left in NY and I've still got loads to do. Hopefully I'll be going to Coney Island on Thursday, Guggenheim on Friday, Top of the Rock on some evening, Little Italy in the Bronx, Soul Food in Harlem...in fact...what the hell am I doing in the apple store?!?!?! I'll write soon.

posted by Robbie de Santos at 6/12/2007 09:07:00 pm


Anonymous D├ęborah said...

Did the Long Blondes play longer than at the Luna Lounge?

Enjoy Franz Ferdinand!!!

Blogger Charlotte said...

belated happy birthday robbie!
glad you're having an awesome time...I would love to go back to NY...the top of the rock is amazing, definatley better than the top of the empire state building!
enjoy the rest of your time, hope it stops raining! xxxx


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