Wednesday, May 30, 2007

It's hard to adjust your sleeping pattern to the city that never sleeps

New York is awesome so far. I have spent hours and hours walking to the extent that I wish I had brought more supportive shoes than my lovely canvas plimsols. I am staying in Greenpoint, just North of Williamsburg in Brooklyn. It is a real traditional working class Polish nabe and provides me with endless smiles - on the street I hear people speaking Polish all the time and all the shops' signage is also in Polish. It reminds me of those Higher Modern Studies classes when we learned about Salad Bowl and Melting Pot theories of integration in the American perspective. It's crazy that you can walk from one block to the next and be on another leaf in the bowl, or maybe a lump of feta, or even some cold rice. For there are many different variations of salad, after all.

What is most surprising is how friendly everyone is. I'd always had the estimation that New Yorkers were all fast-paced and hardened, but you get some amazing banter on the subway, behind you when you are eating breakfast in the diner and just crazy people on the street. I love the Brooklyn twang, being asked if I want any more cawffee and melting their hearts with my British accent and awkward tips (I am still a bit unsure about all the ettiquette). Other teething difficulties include managing to swipe my (My My) Metrocard right - it's all about a motion in time with your body, but it isn't as easy as Oyster, that's for sure.

I am so excited to have another three weeks here. Wow. More soon!

posted by Robbie de Santos at 5/30/2007 03:08:00 am


Blogger Lam Thuy said...

lovely to hear that you're enjoying the Big Apple. It's raining loads here in Big Smoke so soak up some Sonnenschein for me!

Blogger James said...

for tips: a dollar a drink; any less and they can get mean. If you tip they can be your best friend. V. useful! have an amazing time. James xx


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