Sunday, February 18, 2007

Busy Doing Nothing

Love Is All were back in town on Friday night for the NME Awards gig. Regina Spektor was headlining this early night night at the Astoria and Love Is All were second in command. Despite most of the audience not having heard the band, and them only having half the stage to play with (Regina's gigantic grand piano sat in the middle of the stage for the whole gig), the band impressed the crowd more than they did at their own headline show at Kings College in September. It made me realise how much better the Astoria is as a venue than that poxy student union!

Love Is All have lots of new songs to play too. My setlist has titles listed as New Bes, NYA and White Cats. They also played a cover of The Pastels' Nothing To Be Done, which they will release as a Double A Side (!!) with Ageing Had Never Been His Friend on 26th March. Around that time they will be supporting The Rakes on tour, as well as doing a couple of their own headline gigs. You'd be a fool to miss them!

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