Tuesday, December 12, 2006

I wish I was Swedish Part 2

After several failed attempts (I'm getting lazy, basically) I finally saw Peter, Bjorn and John last Friday night at their sold out show at ULU. Preceded by two excellent Swedish bands/artists (more on them later), PB&J took to the stage and played almost all of their songs from Writer's Block (plus some old ones) and it was very good. I love this album, it's definitely one of my favourite albums of the year (more on that later too). It all started at Berlin Festival when I saw someone wearing their T-shirt. The font was so nice that I had a listen to their album in Saturn and was drawn in immediately. It's the kind of album that you can close your eyes, tilt your head skyward and let it absorb you. It's wistful and romantic in a way that British music-making-men never seem to be. Is it uncool to be in love in Britain? Or is it just executed in cliché ridden James Blunt songs?

The show was good. I always like going to see bands who don't have a big media presence as you can build your own ideas of what people who make music that sounds like that look like and so PB&J was a nice surprise. Bjorn's English wasn't that comprehensable (meant in no negative way - have you heard my Swedish? I haven't) and therefore really endearing. Not being able to verbalise well in other languages is something I'm familiar with so it's nice to see other people with lots to say struggle to say it. In an empathetic sense. The Concretes' former frontwoman, Victoria Bergsman put in an understated guest appearance on Young Folks, which was a really nice surprise. She seemed a little uneasy on stage, probably due to her six month hiatus from performing following her departure from her old band. The show ended with a four song encore of old material which was kinda anti-climatic due to its unfamiliarity with the crowd. They were aware of where they stand, though, with Bjorn joking after Young Folks "Ok, you can go home now!".

Here's the Girl Talk Remix of Let's Call It Off:
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