Sunday, November 05, 2006

Someone to Drive You Home

It's been a long time coming, but The Long Blondes' debut album, Someone To Drive You Home is out tomorrow. They played their first gigs in Summer 2003, so it really has been a long time coming. There have been close to 30 Long Blondes songs floating around the internet in various forms since then and so, when recording the album, they had to offer something new. Of course, they wanted to make something new and fresh, something that they could only achieve through their now extensive experience. They are realising their visions and it's paying off with outstanding reviews - 9/10 in NME, 4/5 in the Fly, 4/5 in the Observer, you get the point, it's a great album and you will obviously be buying it tomorrow, 6th November 2006.

I went to see them twice last month, once at the Mean Fiddler and then again at Virgin Megastore when they were promoting their new single (old song), Once and Never Again. Both performances were excellent and very different. The headline show at the Mean Fiddler was immense - it felt like a big proper pop show, with a light show and theme tune prior to their entrance on stage. They even did a psuedo-encore, despite opposing the principles of encores. In many ways the performance felt like a step up, a coming of age or a metamorphasis, but also a regression: Kate, famed for her slightly geeky personality and off-kilter looks was a sexxxed-up temptress, dressed in American Apparell silver metallic leggings...and no skirt over them. Part of me was in awe at this roaring confidence, the rest of me found it crass and cold compared to the old performances. Luckily the performance a week later at Virgin was like a more polished version of the olden days and it suited them so much more. They are doing a European tour in November and December and rumour has it that the next UK jaunt will be early next year.

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Anonymous turquoise boy said...

hey, i'm turquoiseboy and i also photograph bands and cities. have a look on my photies. i like yours! x

Blogger Robbie said...

Hello turquoiseboy, I took a look at your pictures and they are brilliant. I was literally dribbling. Thanks or stopping by!



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