Saturday, September 09, 2006

Tired of being sexy

Goodness gracious. Last night was the debute London show for super hot Brazilian band Cansei de Ser Sexy, which literally translates as tired of being sexy. It might be the sort of thing you could imagine Paris Hilton saying, but these five riot grrrls and one riot boy are a world away from Paris' lip-gloss smothered radio-pop. They played at the Adventures Close to Home night at 93 Feet East, a nice small venue among the curry houses of Brick Lane. The advance tickets had sold out well in advance and the queue to get in was long. The band were scheduled to take to the stage at midnight, but technical problems with their monitor meant the stage time would be close to 1am. The anticipation levels were through the roof, the sweaty crowd chanting "C S S! C S S!" and hooting every time a member came on stage to see what the progress was.

It felt pretty historical that night, like I imagined the first UK Yeah Yeah Yeahs (who I coincidentally bumped into on Tottenham Court Road on Monday evening!) shows to be; the internet and the press had already brought the music to the people and anticipation levels were so high and this was the band confirming everyone's hopes that they were as amazing live as they were on record. The band were clearly awed by the response and kept coming back after the encore to say "thank you" and singer, Lovefoxxx, proclaimned she would never forget this evening.

Lovefoxxx is crazy - before the show she was lyng flat on the stage with mangoes stuffed up her top, wearing 4 layers of superhot vintage clothes (is it really that cold in Britain?) and throughout the show she was throwing toilet paper around, taking bites into the said mangoes and smothering them all over herself and spitting them into the crowd, taking my glasses off my face and wearing them for a verse and a chorus. She had the same mysterious and reckless abandon that Karen O had before they got so crazily popular, so much energy and passion and completely unpredictable to that. She is totally enthralling to watch for these very reasons, but at the same time, it's not the Lovefoxxx show - the rest of the band give it their all too, lots of gyrating, headbanging, sparkly shoes and enthusiasm.

They played lots of excellent songs off their album and also some new ones. The crowd sung along and followed Lovefoxxx's instructions for some Brazilian armswaying action straight off Copacabana beach. Though their music doesn't really feel like it's from Brazil it was noticable how the carnival atmosphere was 150% present in the room last night, lots of clothes flying everywhere, "arrribbarrriba"s and...well, Lovefoxxx took me up on stage for Alcohol and it was totally crazy, I had no idea what she was saying or what to say - she asked me my name and I think where I was from - I guess, becauswe I am 1/4 Brazilian 1/4 Portuguese and you can kind of see it under my British mannerisms, so I danced around for a bit then sheepishly went back down to the crowd. It's a total blur and I am sure I looked like a buffoon, but, well, I feel somewhat part of something special.

All I can say is you have to see this band, you have to listen to their music, they really will take over the world - everything is in place. I haven't been to such a good gig in a long time.

p.s. pictures coming soon!

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the tickets are only 13 euros to see them in dublin...i have to go..theyre really not coming to Berlin (how,

cant wait to see your photos.


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