Friday, September 08, 2006


Lo-Fi-FNK are two skinny little Swedish boys (Leo and August) with one skinny Swedish girl playing bass for live shows. They play an uplifting blend of dancey electro pop which has that gallic Daft Punk sound going on at some points. They played a one-off show at London's finest night Trash last week, but because I've been busy moving house and not having internet, it's taken me this long to give my two-pennies. Apart from the bass it's totally synthetic sounds; drum machines, keys, samples, laptops. Not much of the performance was live and they didn't really have too much to say, but they really seemed to appreciate playing in London and seeing a whole room dancing to their tunes. And they seemed to like my photos, puting a link from their news page over to here. Thanks guys! Their album is called Boylife and was released on Monday on Moshi Moshi. They have described themselves as too gay to be straight and too straight to be gay, so I think that means they metrosexual with boy-preferences if the title of the album is anything to go by. They are supporting Hot Chip in Germany and playing some British dates towards the end of the month. Check out their MySpace for details and songs.

In very exciting news, Cansei de Ser Sexy are playing their first ever London show tonight and I've got my ticket. And even more exciting, Love Is All are playing Trash and Kings College on Monday and Tuesday respectively.

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Anonymous Nilina said...

Looks like they're channeling a bit of Klaxons in the photo so I checked out their myspace and recognized 'Wake Up' from a Smashed Robot podcast. I'm so glad too cos they are good! Thanks for that link! I hope they either tour the States or are playing in Germany around Bread and Butter in January.


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