Tuesday, August 29, 2006

They were pounds and ounces

Yes yes yes. Another excellent Canadian band. Metric are from Toronto and have been going for ages. I remember seeing them advertised to play at the Metro in London in 2004 and being too boring (or studious) to go. They played Hamburg when I was in Berlin and Berlin when I was in Hamburg. But last week I finally pinned them down at KCLSU for a triumphant sold out show. When they started out they were arguably a meeker versions of themselves. One might have compared them to The Cardigans and they were popular in France and Scandanavia before they were in Britain (a sure sign of kitschy-popness). But they played a show with Yeah Yeah Yeahs, they learnt to make excellent floor cutting angular anthems and they met fellow Torontonians, MSTRKRFT, who are pretty much the hottest remixing team in the world right now. Such is the demand for their services, they are having to turn down most offers coming their way. ANYWAY. Monster Hospital got the MSTRKRFT touch of gold and made it staple indieclub dancefloor-filler, which was a big help in getting Metric where they are now.

But the dancey direction was more than a superficial makeover. Singer, Emily Haines, took to the stage in a sparkly one-piece, and with her yellowy blone hair, dark eyebrows and angular cheek bones, she looked akin to Confessions-era Madonna. She danced with a firey passion, feeling every lash and lick of the guitar. She announced coyly before Death Disco "this is a dance song", smirking a little in knowledge of the undeniable body-jerking power of the song. In one of their more electronic-based songs, she laughed at the end, remarking that it was a bit "clubby". They were absolutely enthralling live and also the kind of band that has a really intense bond with their fans. As they played a meltdown at the end of their set, Emily bent down to two young girls in the front row and smothered them and kissed their heads, tears in her eyes. I felt amazing for those two girls, you never forget things like that. And it warms me so much to see when a band appreciates their fans so much. Metric are back in November for a huge tour, which is on sale now.

Go here for the MSTRKRFT remix of Monster Hospital
And a free download of Glass Ceiling

And if you are interested, a Yeah Yeah Yeahs acoustic session:
The party's on at marsneedsguitars.com

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link to Mars!


Anonymous Mono said...

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