Monday, August 28, 2006

I heart the nineties

Supporting Tapes'n'Tapes last week were 1990s, from Glasgow. They seem to be supporting every on-the-up band at the moment, or at least The Long Blondes on their upcoming nationwide tour and Brazilian electro-riotgrrrl band Cansei de Ser Sexy who are playing their debut UK shows next week. Their music is classic, sexy Rolling Stones-esque rock music you can shimmy and bop to and their single, You Made Me Like It is a perfect summer tune, sung in a swooning mid-Atlantic drawl, complete with some obligatory high-pitched yelping. There's something romantically retro about this band. It should also be noted that two of the members were in the seminal Glasgow band, The Yummy Furs, along with Alex Kapranos of Franz Ferdinand. I should also say how much I love their name. 1990s. It says so much in such 5 characters. I was day-dreaming the other day and wondered what I'd call a band if I were to set one up...The Early 90s? Or The Mid 90s? Which was better? It certainly wasn't the post-Brit-pop-pre-millenium-angst of the late nineties, that's for sure.

1990s MySpace

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