Thursday, August 10, 2006

Auf Wiedersehen

Well, well. This here post is my last blog update as a resident of Berlin. As of 12th August I will be a Londoner again, although I'd like to think a) I've always been a Londoner, and b) I'll always be a Berliner, but not ein Berliner. I can only say that this has been the best year of my life. I've achieved things I'd never thought I'd achieve, I've met so many excellent people, been to so many excellent gigs, bars, clubs, cafes, restaurants, parties (etc). I would recommend Berlin as a holiday destination or for a much longer stay to anyone. You could stay here forever and never tire of it. It's so relaxed, fun and mostly friendly. If you do find yourself inclined to go, get in touch and I can send you some tips.

What awaits me in London is both exciting and daunting. I will be starting a very impressive internship on 14th August, going to lots of gigs and seeing smaller bands that haven't yet made it to Berlin, I'll be flathunting, finishing my dissertation and starting my final year at UCL. I'm nervous about re-establishing myself on the London gig-scene; in Berlin there's not too many people blogging and photographing so it's a small and nice community, while in London I'll be another cog in a big, big wheel. I hope that German readers of my blog will continue reading and I will be sure to be back in Berlin every few months for gigs and parties and second-hand clothes shopping. I will definitely be reading my good friend Elizabeth's blog to keep up-to-date on the Berlin gig scene and I recommend you do too.

So Aufwiedersehen, and please mind the gap (harhar) in blogging while I wind things down here and set things up in London.

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Blogger elizabeth said...

im pretending that you're not gone!


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