Monday, July 24, 2006


The countdown to the Berlin festival is now on - 5 days til the event. The line-up is now confirmed and the stage times are now up on the website. I'm most excited about the Raveonettes who are in the process of writing and recording their new album, so the festival will be a prime chance to hear some of their new songs. They have been posting up demos on their MySpace and they even have one about Berlin. I hope they play that.

Other draws should be the Vice party victors, The Klaxons who will play their first public show in Germany, and hopefully the first of many. It will be great to hear them with a proper good festival soundsystem, rather than Rio, which isn't really designed for bands. It'll be good to catch Hot Club de Paris, excellent new Glasgow band, My Latest Novel, Islands who are a new Montreal band including two members from the amazing, beautiful and sadly shortlived Unicorns. And, of course, Berlin's own inmates, Powers who are the first release on 8mm records and Stereo Total who were dining at the Punk Pizzeria at Senefelder Platz last week on the same night as me. Believe it.

Tickets are still on-sale, from Koka36, 8mm and Schoenes Hoeren. See you there!

posted by Robbie de Santos at 7/24/2006 11:38:00 am


Blogger elizabeth said...

WELL if the Raveonettes' demos are anything to go by, their new album is going to be deadly. i can't wait to hear them live!!!!!!!!!!


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