Friday, June 09, 2006

Royally Used

I did the un-do-able. I managed to see both my favourite bands on the same night in different venues. I gig-hopped and succeeded! I cycled 2km in pouring (under-exaggeration) rain to get from Yeah Yeah Yeahs at Postbahnhof to see Sons and Daughters at the Domino night of British Music Week at Berlin's recently opened Lido (good lighting, too clean). It was my 13th time seeing them, but my first time since the end of The Repulsion Box tour, which drew to a close with a Hogmanay show in Edinburgh. Since then the band have a bit of time off, been to Moscow (three days after I left!), and were hand-picked to support Morrissey on his sold out British tour. And then they came to Berlin for this one-off show.

The band were much stronger after a break, although the show they played in Berlin in November was one of their best, despite having been on tour for 3 months without a break. In fact, they have got better every time I've seen them, which is one of the most satisfying things about being a fan of theirs. They are so dark and brilliant and put on the kind of live shows that are so intense that they would leave any other band collapsed in their dressing room afterwards. And yet they never cease to amaze me with how much stronger they get. And from the two new song they played, Gilt Complex and The Nest, there are still many more exciting things to come from the band. Gilt Complex stood out particularly, maniacally fast and devilishly dramatic, singer Adele Bethel can ever more be likened to a banshee. With some bands you just want to hear the old songs, but Sons and Daughters sheer talent makes you crave everything they'll ever write ever. There's no set release date for the next album, but I'm sure it'll leave listeners just as breathless as The Repulsion Box.

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