Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Weekend Without Make-up

I finally saw The Long Blondes again. The band, now signed to Rough Trade, have just finished the NME New Music Tour (I saw them in Norwich), where they were opening for emo-indie-popsters Forward Russia, The Automatic and Boy Kill Boy. It's so great to see how they have come on since I last saw them supporting Sons and Daughters last August, and moreso, since I saw them play at Holloway Road's Nambucca last June. Their stage show is stronger and more professional, their sound coming across better on better soundsystems, their songs are closer to their visionary visions. They seem truly set for stardom. They can already play a half hour set and miss out plenty of excellent songs, notably Autonomy Boy and Peterborough.

I spoke to the band after their set and they told me they were really happy with the reaction they'd been getting on the NME Tour (positive, but sadly a fraction of the enthusiasm that the shitty shouty bands above them on the bill are getting). With their first single on Rough Trade, Weekend Without Make-Up, due for release on 26th June and the album recording to start within the next two weeks, it looks like things really will be stepping up a gear for the Long Blondes. It's completely irrationally over-emotional but I feel really, really happy for the band. The moment I heard Giddy Stratospheres all that time ago I knew I would fall in love with them. Now they are ready to take on the world, and though I haven't done much more than blog about them every few months and convince as many people as I can to listen to them, I do feel very proud. I know that they have enough integrity and class to not compromise their ideals and ambitions and they will make an excellent debut album.

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