Sunday, May 14, 2006

Do The Whirlwind

It's been a week of big bands for me. On Friday I saw Belle and Sebastian in Hamburg, nine people in total on stage. Which doesn't even compare at all to Architecture in Helsinku, hailing from Melbourne, who invited a further twenty people on stage at their gig at Maria am Ufer in Berlin last Monday. It was mad. With already seven members, the stage was a carnival of good vibrations and, erm, Finnish national anthems sung over old Architecture in Helsinki songs. The rest of the set was just as big-grin good, comprised mainly of last year's In Case We Die, one of the most uplifting and sense-of-purpose-giving albums I've heard in a long while. The band are a lovely pick'n'mix bunch, some bearded, some clean shaven, two of the boys in skimpy sports shorts, girls in dresses, girls with trombones, everyone getting a chance to sing, all creating a huge sound. They seem as much a collective as they do a band. They have just finished a European Tour and are off to do some North American dates. Head over to their MySpace for up-to-date infos.

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