Sunday, May 28, 2006

Buckfast makes you fuck fast

I saw Belle and Sebastian again, this time in Berlin at the Columbiahalle, Berlin's "big touring bands" venue, which was happily a fraction of the size of the equivalent venues in Britain. The audience was noticeably younger (and more English speaking) than at the Hamburg show. Whether this was a factor in making the show more fun or not is subject to debate, but there was a really fun atmosphere in the hall that night, lots of audience interaction, Stuart Murdoch more candid than normal with his stories and remarks. There were even bandanas and sailor hats thrown on stage (see above). I think there's something particular about the intimacy of Belle and Sebastian's music which makes people do crazy things, like a sense of release and relief. One English girl, Alice, found herself on stage after being spontaneously gutsy enough to start telling a "Once upon a time" story about herself in a break between songs. I hope Alice realises how wide she made people grin with unadulterated happiness as shimmied nervously around the stage before dancing with Stuart and Stevie for the full course of a song. In any case, I think most people left that concert feeling in love with everyone and everything.

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