Thursday, May 25, 2006

Automatic High

Just when you thought indie music was getting more exciting, you go to see the NME's New Music (TM) tour and realise that it's just a bit more hyped than it was three years ago, when everyone was trying to sound like Coldplay. Now they all want to be (a slightly emo-er version of) the Kaiser Chiefs (to get the important emo-teens on board), throwing insincere amounts of energy into meaningless songs with lyrics about monsters coming round mountains. Insincerity is something I cannot abide and I find it hard to stomach that many of the current over-yield of new band crop really mean it. That was certainly the impression I had with Forward Russia(below) and The Automatic(above), inexplicably above Long Blondes on the bill. Their music was indistinguishable from eachother, nothing new, nothing exciting aside from both singers jumping around on stage. Therefore I can't write anything more about them, which is a shame as I'd quite wanted to see them both beforehand. But maybe this is a product of this spoon-fed zeitgeist spotting band-culture, putting on a tour which specifically fulfils people's urges to see The Next Big Thing - the kids'll lap it up and average bands with good stage shows will do well. It's only glamorous indie rock'n'roll, but they like it.

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