Sunday, January 15, 2006

Love Punch

The Chalets are clever. Firstly, their name - The Chalets - you can refer to the singers as "those Chalet girls" and the boys as "those Chalet boys", and endless interview questions and jokes about those mountainside wooden huts, or Butlins. Secondly, they make catchy, sixties grrrl group inspired, spikey pop music that sounds like Le Tigre meets the Shangri-Las and then went for drinks with Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Crass comparisons aside, the Chalets are one of the greatest live bands you'll see. They come across as really warm musicians who really love what they are doing, where they are and just giving people a great show. PeePee and Polly, the two vampy 50s airstewardess singers, dress impeccably in sparkly high heels and bouffant hair, combining singing, keyboard playing and sultry dance routines and throw in a bit of cheeky stand-up comedy.

They have an album out on Sentanta called Check In which has beautiful artwork in keeping with the 50s Mile High theme. The album features the excellent singles Love Punch, Feel the Machine, No Style and Theme From The Chalets. They are currently touring Germany with Art Brut, and I caught up with them yesterday at Magnet in Berlin and interviewed them for the March issue of Wears The Trousers. Do check out the current issue which is so beautifully crafted that it makes me weep - downloadable from the website as a pdf.

A live version of non-album track, Gay Holiday is available to download here:
(mp3 was found on Torture Garden Blog. Thanks!

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