Sunday, January 22, 2006

Hard To Love...

Berlin isn't nearly as spoilt as London for gigs, so I quite often find myself going to gigs that would never have even appeared as a blip on my gig radar in London. This could be dangerous, but so far the only negative thing is utterly dire German support bands (Sugarcaine and Neuser - ihr seid schuld). Black Wire are a Leeds band, as they announced on entering the Knaack club stage. That, the bands they have toured with, and most importantly, the fact they were fit was all I knew beforehand. So I was pleasently surprised to see that a) they have no drummer, b) they play a electro-punky style of rockabilly music (this is a good thing, honest), and c) two of them really are very fit.

Their sparse and, sometimes, violent sound reminded me a bit of Selfish Cunt, but they came across as very warm people, whereas Martin Tomlinson is a thoroughly dangerous animal (although I have seen him crying and singing the words to Maps at the side of the stage for Yeah Yeah Yeahs). Lead singer, Dan Wilson prowled the stage in skinny jeans, winkle pickers and braces like a man possessed, not afraid to 'shake it', and gave a gusto-filled performance. It was dark but not depressing, pleasing in a similar way to Sons and Daughters, but not quite as satisfying, of course.

Check out their MySpace profile to hear three of their songs. They have an eponymous album available all over Europe now.

posted by Robbie de Santos at 1/22/2006 05:06:00 pm


Blogger Paty said...

hello :)
do you have some stuff of Sugarcaine band?
i know, this band is no longer exists anymore :/

paty xx


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