Monday, January 16, 2006

Get Ready To Show Your Bones!

The moment many thought would never come has almost...come. Yes. New York's finest band, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, are gearing up to release their second full length album, titled Show Your Bones on 27th March in UK, 28th March in North America, and I guess 24th March in Germany (Friday is new-release day, as a I am reminded every time I go to Saturn). There have been some silly rumours flying round the internet. NME.com printed a story late last year explaining that the album would be based around the concept of Karen's new cat called Coco. Luckily a nice letter from the band clarified that NME had got their pants in a twist. The band are playing 6 intimate dates in NY, Chicago and San Fransisco in February, before embarking on a full US tour in March and April before coming over to Europe (yay!) in May.

The final tracklist for the album is still subject to musch speculation, but the expectation is that the majority of the brilliant songs played on the latter of the Fever To Tell tours will not make the final cut of the album. Cheated Hearts and Honey Bear, however, will hopefully be on it.

Modern Things won't. So I won't feel guilty about rapidsharing a .wma of it for you to download.


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