Thursday, December 22, 2005


Clap Your Hands Say Yeah have a name that turns off as many people as it inspires. I'm warning you now - don't be put off. Don't cut your nose off to spite your face, or judge a book by it's cover or any other of these metaphors that are just screaming "LISTEN TO CLAP YOUR HANDS SAY YEAH FOR GODDSAKE". Because they know that samples sell records, they have hosted two of their best songs (On This Tidal Wave Of Young Blood and Over and Over Again (Lost and Found)) for your downloading pleasure. Their sound is a suave, swaying, elegant indie that you just can't help but shimmying to. Like fellow New Yorkers, the wonderous Interpol, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah's songs and lyrics leave the listener with a strong sense of the emotion of the song, but a vague understanding of the lyrical context. What they are actually saying isn't obvious, but the feeling that the music and somewhat abstract lyrics creates is felt strong. The band have just rounded up a short but succesful European tour and will be heading back over to Britain and Germany (dates in other countries still to be confirmed) in February. Meanwhile, their album is available on import and will be released properly in Germany on 20th January and in Britain on 24th.

German dates:
/// 15.02. Hamburg - Tanzhalle /// 16.02. Berlin - Postbahnhof /// 17.02. Köln - Gebäude 9 /// 20.02. München - Ampere (source).

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