Saturday, October 22, 2005

This is getting really embarrassing now. I will give this one last go, and if it doesn't go, I will call it quits on the blog and just stick to taking photographs.

A quick update on Abstractboy before the blogging continues:

Berlin is a wake-up call. Berlin is a reminder that life doesn't have to be fast, career-driven and stressful. Rent doesn't have to be high, cities don't have to be nuclear, kebabs aren't just for drunken thugs. The tube can run all night, bars can close at 3am on week nights without there being race riots, and your social life doesn't end when you get to 30.

There are obviously some things that Britain does better. Like supermarkets - the selection and quality in German pales in comparison to Britain, and customer service and consumer rights don't seem to be nearly as important. And the university system seems like a Kafka-esque construct, designed to confuse, alienate and most certainly not explain. It's no surprise that the average length of a degree in Germany is twice that of Britain, when every class is over subscribed and changes venue without warning or explanation.

But it's all adventure and it's all learning, and I hope, during this year, to write about my findings to inform and aide the exploration of this wonderful city.

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