Friday, January 14, 2005

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We are only 2 weeks in to 2005 and the "Bands to believe in" campaign has already started to take pace. The band in which you should place all faith you have left in music is Editors (no "the", seemingly). Abstractboy was lucky enough to catch them at King's Cross Water Rat's Theatre, first on the bill of bands that paled in comparison to their undeniable greatness.

Drowned in Sound describes their sound as "Intelligent, dark indie", which is an apt in-a-nutshell description. I'd be more inclined to write an essay, detailing every luscious, urgent melody, the undeniable rhythms provided by the drummer, the haunting vocals and the bands' incredible stage presence. But we don't have time for all that. They are clearly influenced by the likes of Joy Division and there are definite similarities to Interpol's grand sound like many new bands at the moment. But Editors succeed in doing it sincerely where all the other pretenders to the throne have failed. The melodies and tunes are distincly their own, the rhythms, the lyrics, the basslines. Their sincerity comes across boldly; they are clearly a band who mean what they do.

Their upcoming single, Bullet, (out on CD and 7" on 24th January) is an instant dancefloor filler in the making. There is an underlying pop brilliance to their tunes. Abstractboy has come to realise, having been thinking more about what makes a great sound writing this blog, that a pop sensibility is the key to the success of indie bands - look at the Libertines, the Killers, Franz Ferdinand, Bloc Party, Razorlight...their crossover success is mostly due to their indie-disco playability, their other-disco playability, and their radio station playability. Dancing to indie music isn't about the art of spilling carling as you pogo to Blur anymore. No, it's a lot more sophisticated, just like indie music really, and just like Editors. Sophisticated, danceable, sweeping, incendiary, sincere. Editors are currently on tour, with a full itinerary on their website. Don't delay, check them out.

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