Wednesday, November 24, 2004

A Pure Glasgae Kiss, likes

Glasgow is the place to be right now, apparently. It's always been pretty cool (and this is coming from the perspective of an Edinburger!), but over the last few years a very vibrant and exciting music scene has been developing in a place named the Chateau - an abandoned art deco warehouse used by a group of artists from Glasgow School of Art. Well, the scene didn't develop in a warehouse, but lots of creative types hung out and had great parties. Among those creative types were a band called Franz Ferdinand who proceeded to take over the world this year after signing a deal to Domino in August 2003. To cut a long story short, they had some talented friends from the Chateau scene who were in a band called Sons and Daughters who were so talented and exciting that when Domino heard them, they were signed immediately.

At present they have a mini-album, Love the Cup for sale at about £7 most places. It is foot-stomping good. You just can't help it. Similar to the Franz, their incediary rhythms make you want to march. Left! Right! Left! Right! Banjo! Yes, they have a banjo. There is a folky twist to the punky-funky-angular-loud-then-quiet style, which gives it a nice Scottish twist. Singer, Adele, has a lovely broad Glaswegian accent when she sings. When Abstractboy saw them at ULU, he got strong homesick pangs. Sometimes it is necessary when you live in London just to hear a Scottish accent every now and then - it reminds you what you love about home. It keeps you grounded and puts a warm smile on your face. There is something wonderfully familiar about Sons and Daughters. I can imagine dancing next to them at Edinburgh's Only Decent Indie Club, The Egg, or maybe grabbing a vintage shirt from Scott in Armstrong's.

They put on a great performance live. Adele is a wee minx, a wee vixen, with a cheeky smile and a deepfatfryer full of attitude. She is pouting one minute and screaming like a hex the next. And Scott is just fit. I mean, Scott is really well dressed. Or Scot is very good at guitar. He makes menacing eye contact with all the audience, which seemed to be about 50% photographers and couples. And he dances like Nick McCarthy whose favourite animals are badgers, so there really is nothing to fault about him. They played a lot of new songs and they are even better than those on the rather perfect mini-album. So great things are happening in the Sons and Daughters camp right now and it looks like they are only going to get better. See them before they get as big as Franz Ferdinand, which, if there is any justice in the world, should happen. They finish off a short UK tour this week and play a date in Edinburgh on 30th December. I'll be sure to go and drag as many people as I can with me.

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