Monday, October 25, 2004

Vek off!

Hold up! Hold up! Forget Bands to believe in...there is a man, a boy, a genius who is making very very exciting sounds right now. He goes by the name of Tom Vek and is quite something really. Tom is a very young gentleman. He was born in 1981, and though is quite a bit older than S Club 8, but is as fresh-faced and young looking as even Calvin. Tom is London born and bred, which is clear from his sound, his voice, but it isn't London-y in an overbearing way either, which is nice.

Like all wot is good right now, Vek tends to avoid pigeonholes, single genres, any sesne of consistency other than a consistently good show and sound. Abstractboy and (check out her blog!)Artstarr were lucky to catch him at the opening of another New Marquee Club (get over the '70s!) while waiting for the New Rhodes to impress us in a more conventional fashion. The excitement caused by Tom Veks' 30 minute set made us almost even forget that there was another reason for living, let alone another band to be seen. As he was setting up the stage and plugging in his guitar prior to his performance, he looked quiet, wearing thick glasses and a leather jacket. But when he bounded on stage, eyes ablaze and jacketless, it was clear he was a boy who meant business.

His performance is asssured, but not arrogant. He is clearly aware of his ability (and is reported to have asked for an advance of £250,000 for his debut album) but it doesn't seem to affect the quality of the goods in the same way as it does other knowingly talented artists. He has released one single so far, a 7" called "If I had changed my mind" and has a new single out on 1st November called "If you want" and XFM have been playing it lots. His singer-songwriter soulfulness, garage riffs and electronic beats sound like a mish-mash of Bright eyes, the Libertines and the Rapture...three excellent reasons to check him out at his show at the Metro on 8th December. Tickets from here.

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