Wednesday, June 16, 2004

There is something quite romantic about leaving a city by sunset and watching it melt away as you look out the window of your plush couchette (6 pound supplement, wholly worth it). This is Abstractboy's first overnight train journey and it's turning out rather nicely, despite his and ben's inter-rail passes being looked after by the guard with the promise of being returned in Krakow. The shiny dark wooden panels and maroon/burgundy upholstery echo the oriental express glamour of those Agatha Christie books that Abstractboy's mother would always laugh at him for reading. The majority of the occupants of the couchettes are occupied by a mixed array of wealthier toursits with less interesting stories to tell, but surely curious and peculiar enough for Abstractboy to write a trashy detective novel titled Murder on the Iron Express. Or something.

But anyway, enough of this fantasising. What Abstractboy really wants to do tonight is have sufficient sleep so to make the most of his and Ben's single day in Krakow. And to help execute this desire are sleeping pills (herbal) and some czeck beer.

Update: drinking beer is proving slightly difficult, or the opening thereof. Abstractboy tried opening it out the window to minimise the effects of beer that has been shakebn by a train but unforunately the beer sprayed inside the couchette. Woops.

posted by Robbie de Santos at 6/16/2004 07:27:00 am


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