Sunday, June 13, 2004

Entry 1

Abstractboy has made it. He is now in Prague, Czech Republic, having endured an overnight stay at Stansted airport and a 6am flight on Easyjet. Needless to say that after a packed day, he is now rather tired and sitting in an over priced internet cafe.

Prague. Is. Amazing. It appears not to cease being aesthetically amazing, unlinke most old cities which inevitably have ugly buildings among all the beautiful and intricate old ones. The architecture throughout is breathtaking, ranging from domed roofed palaces to fantastic bridges and Spearmint Rhinos (!!!) by the riverside. The weather has been quite nice too - a few showers this afternoon, but mostly glorious sunshine.

Abstractboy has even been sampling the local cuisine already! It was dumplings, cabbage, pork, bohemian (like you?) garlic soup, and of course, Pilsner beer. How much did this full filling meal come to? Three of your English Pounds, yes indeed. It was so nice. And yes, that did include the beer, which was cheaper than having a soft drink!

Prague seems to be quite the tourist city at the moment - loads of German coach parties, English stag and hen parties and lots and lots and lots of Japanese checklist groups. It's quite understandable - this really is a great city from first impressions. And it's so cheap too (apart from this internet cafe)!

Abstractboy will hopefully update this again when he gets to Krakow on Wednesday.

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