Saturday, May 29, 2004

Wake me when it's all over

Now that exams are over, Abstractboy can re-commence his interesting and varied lifestyle. There have been some interesting ones recently...a potentially unauthorised walk around the nooks and krannies of University of London's Senate House, a trip to Oxford and a return to going to decent clubs.

The return to going to decent clubs has been the most enjoyable part of finishing exams. Abstractboy used to go to three a week and a few gigs on top of that, but towards February-March, it became increasingly difficult to juggle university work and other things as well. But now he is FREE and isn't restricted to 'Weekend' type clubs like Popstarz.

Special commendation go to Miss-Shapes and Trash, not that there is anything revolutionary or revelationary in acknowledging the greatness of these clubs. Miss-Shapes takes place at the Ghetto on Thursday nights, where the supercool DJ Mikey rules the roost for the best part of the night and spins all the songs you want to hear (apart from Interpol - Obstacle 1, but we don't talk about that). What makes Miss-Shapes so good is that along with a really good, sufficiently interesting, yet sufficiently diverse and relaxed music policy, the atmosphere is friendly and unpretentious.

The reasons for liking Trash are almost contradictory. It has a reputation for being a bit elitist and pretentious and admittedly, it probably is more than most London 'Indie' Clubs, but Abstractboy feels this opinion is just that of those who resent it's progression away from shitty-baggy-trousers-and-ShitBrit-Pop and towards electro and art-punk, or whatever. What sells Trash most is the effort most people make to dress up and look good. While this is an arguably superficial attraction, it is nice to be surrounded by people who share a similar interest in fashion and music and it is nice to dress up, to feel special. The music policy is less familiar than at other 'Indie' clubs, but this means less predictable and means that one can go to Trash multiple times without getting fed up of hearing the same songs in the same order (are you listening, Pop(ulist)starz? Furthermore, Erol Alkan is a genuinely great DJ, both technically and in terms of music taste.

The two clubs are really incomparable because they have different objectives, but both do what they do very well.

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