Thursday, May 13, 2004

There is no life outside the city

Having been living in Central London for almost 9 months now, Abstractboy is beginning to realise that he has wasted much of this time. Never again (well, not for the forseeable future) will he be able to afford to live just off the Tottenham Court Road, never again will he have 7 tube lines within 5 minutes walk from his residence. But the whole time he has generally played it safe, rarely venturing out of the area, rarely trying new things. It's quite easy to become complacent, to forget how lucky you are to be right in the middle of a buzzing, vibrant, exciting city. The opportunities and adventures are potentially infinite and it would never be possible to truely say that you know London. Unless, of course, you are a cabbie.

Just this week Abstractboy's exams have taken him to opposite ends of the centre. His Politics of EU Integration exam was in the City Temple, as previously mentioned. It was deep in Holborn, just on the west edges of the city. The day was gorgeous and Abstractboy felt like a city lawyer walking past the courts on Chancery Lane. The City itself just has so much buzz about it. In the bricks and concrete and glass of every building there is so much importance oozing. And for every swish gerkin-shaped glass sky scraper, there are tiny little cobbled alleys. Such contrast in styles makes it all the more interesting. Contrast = good, right?

Abstractboy will probably be living up in Archway next year, so getting around and exploring the eccentricies and interesting areas of London will obviously be a bit harder. So once the exams are finished (MAY 24TH!) Abstractboy will make it his mission to make as much of his time residing in W1 as possible. Expect pictures and revelations*.

*subject to laptop being fixed.

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